About Grow Wild Co.

We are Ashley & Keith, co-creators of Grow Wild Co. and Mama and (grand) Papa to our wild tribe.

Not your typical woodworkers, but part-time DIYers. We're a family-owned business of makers & shakers and it is our mission to create timeless wooden toys that bring happiness to the trendy, eco-conscious, modern family.  

picture of Grow Wild Co. founders

I'm the Mama: I come from 10 years of crafting and selling memorable celebrations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Empowered by creativity, I'm a momtrepreneur who brings the design, eye for aesthetic, and business acumen. I love textures, patterns, and Pantone colors that bring a design to life. I'm a hustler, believer, purveyor of chaos, Pinterest junkie, plant lover, dancing queen, amateur photographer, and flea market enthusiast. I enjoy quality made products, practical form and function, and unique toys that are timeless, and enhance child development. I’m the chatty one, hair in a messy bun, hanging with my girl gang and handsome hubby. I believe our children should grow wild, strong, and confident and I look forward to sharing my passion with you! 

I'm the (grand) Papa: The magic man behind the kitchen, I make it happen. A champion of all things contracting, master builder, general manager, carpentry wizard, honey-do list overachiever, people pleaser, professional DIYer who executes the unexpected. I make the sketches come to life. I work overtime - all the time. I love listening to music, dancing with my wife, playing golf, fantasy football, watching the magical world through the eyes of my grandchildren, and blissful vacations where time is no constraint. I created the inspirational mud kitchen for the grandkids which has brought this pandemic baby to life.  

Together, we believe that the little things are everything.